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FY 2022

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Customer counts grew 28.6% in FY2022 versus the prior year. Real average spend grew by 10.3% year-on-year. In inflation-adjusted ZWL terms, Group revenue grew 75.9% year-on-year, a very pleasing result, especially amid a challenging operating landscape.

Simbisa, FY2022 Revenue: +76%
Simbisa, FY2022 profit before tax: +156%
Simbisa, FY2022 Cash generated from operating activities (Inflation Adjusted): +342%

Simbisa means “to strengthen” and “to empower”. It is a Shona word that embodies a rally for strength and power to an object. The name represents what the business and its people stand for; the endeavour to create and sustain a strong and empowered brand that is recognised across all regions.

Simbisa Brands Limited

Simbisa Brands Limited is a focused group of light manufacturing businesses which, together with various strategically integrated agricultural operations, produce a number of Zimbabwe’s iconic brands in the consumer staple product space.

We manufacture consumer staple goods for the mass market through a managed, and where strategically appropriate, integrated portfolio of businesses.

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